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About Us

Kalakar company has been operating in the field of business of chemicals and technical consultancy enjoying highly qualified personnel. The company is currently expanding its activities at international level and has been successful to join professional and experienced partners in India, United Arab Emirates, China, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Turkey, Germany as well as maintaining the traditional contacts with western companies.

Some of the features and benefits that supports the company to work as one of the well-known players in the business, are as follows:

  1. Exclusive representation of prestigious companies from western countries, Europe and Asia
  2. Equipped and spacious warehouses
  3. Committed to offer quality products and providing after-sales services
  4. Attending and exhibiting in local and international exhibitions and active participation in the international arena
  5. Special packaging of goods according to the customers' requirements and based on different climatic conditions
  6. Acting at the international level and sales to Iran, the Persian Gulf states and the Middle Asia
  7. Consolidation of orders to reduce the costs for customers of different companies in one country

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